According to Waxidea, a co-founder is a person who, in conjunction with one or more individuals, is instrumental to the conception or establishment of the core elements of a business. In practice this usually includes any early stage employee that contributes to the development of a business and that is investing his own time and/or money in it.
Anybody can create a start-up. Usually a group of co-founders will try the viability of their product and the market appetite in an informal set-up before incorporating a formal company. At every stage the co-founders team is the soul and most important element of the start-up, It is hence very important to select the co-founders team appropriately.
Starting a new business is an incredible adventure. However it is both scary and dangerous to start it alone. A solid co-founders team is instrumental to mutually challenge points of view, to add specific core skills, and to provide enough bandwidth to go to market and react to market demands quickly. You are likely not to have all the skills (and money) to start a company alone. Moreover, a co-founder will be there to share your moments of loneliness and uncertainty about the future of your project. The odds are that your perfect co-founder is not yet in your network
A co-founder usually contributes to a new business with a mix of sweat (their own work) and/or a contribution to the economical investment. But the most important contribution comes in the form of sharing a great personal adventure with you. Whatever you are expecting your co-founders to contribute with, the clearest you are in describing your needs the easiest you will find what you look for one.
Every project needs effort and investments. Sometimes you need to invest money, but in many cases a “sweat” contribution may be what the project requires to bring it to the next stage. Have a clear idea about what you are going to need to succeed, and what each co-founder will be supposed to contribute with.
There is no rule for that, but usually we observe between 2 and 4 is the most common number of co-founders in a start-up team.
Waxidea is 100% free. And it takes literally one click to create your account.
Waxidea is not a job portal, however most of the first employees in start-ups are usually the co-founders themselves. If you want to work for a start-up, why not joining a co-founder team?
Waxidea is the meeting place for every co-founders of every kind of start-up. Our members are looking to work together to create a diverse type of start-ups from high-tech to manufacturing, from local shops to global business, and much more.
We believe the co-founders team is the cornerstone of the successful start-ups. As such we aim at leveraging the experience and skills of mature professionals to boost the European start-up potential.
Our vision is helping teams to model their ideas as wax, and wax them until their idea is polished and successful with the help of their co-founders.
You can browse for co-founders or let other co-founders find you. Or both. It takes one minute to create your profile and list your expertises: we will start immediately to match you with start-ups who are looking for co-founders like you. If you already have a start-up or a business project, list it under “My start-ups”, our members will apply to be your co-founders..

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