Private chef in London

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Private chef in London

My idea is to open a business activity cooking in my clients' house (neighbours, people I know, clients who answer an announce).

the idea

My ideas is to work as a Private cook of Italian food, going to my client's house and cook there according to their taste and their needs. I will propose a list of possible food, with the possibility to change some ingredients or elements. Food can be shop by me or by clients and I will use only some personal pots (or oil, salt etc). This a innovative concept of cooking, eating and improving. My proposal is a flexible mix of Italian language lessons and Italian cooking where we will merge the Italian culture with the high quality of its food. I'm also available to be a private cook for your lunch or dinner. This is a flexible formula as you can chose any combination: 

1) language + cooking session 

2) language session + private chief

3) cooking session + private chief

or every single item.

idea Stage






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